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Part 1 of "Financial Management"

Corporate Finance


Module code


Course number

14259.0300 (Lecture)

14259.0301 (Tutorial)

Module availability Summer term
Language English
ECTS 12 Credit points for "Financial Management" (6 ECTS for Corporate Finance)
Workload 360 h for "Financial Management" (180 h for Corporate Finance)
Independent studies 240 h for "Financial Management" (120 h for Corporate Finance)

Univ. Prof. Dr. Dieter Hess (Lectures)

M.Sc. Britta Plum (Tutorials)

Consulting hours

M.Sc. Britta Plum

Room 5.406 / 5th floor / Sibille-Hartmann-Str.

by arrangement


Course description and objectives

The course "Corporate Finance" provides students with both theoretical and practical knowledge about financial statement analysis, long-term financial planning and company valuation. Accordingly, it is highly relevant for students seeking a career in finance (academia or financial services). First, students learn how to read and analyze financial statements (balance sheet, income statement and cash flow statement). Further, definitions of common financial terms and important financial ratios are discussed. Throughout the lecture and tutorial, students learn how to consistently plan financial statements for future periods. In particular, students learn how to apply techniques of financial planning to generate cash flow forecasts as well as how to derive a company’s cost-of-capital as inputs for company valuation. Finally, the course introduces different company valuation approaches (e.g., multiples, DCF models) and analyzes their applicability under real world conditions.



60 hours. Throughout the course "Corporate Finance", we expect that you will attend class regularly and on time.



Lecture: Wednesday, 12:00-15:30

Tutorial: Monday, 16:00-19:15, or Friday, 12:00-15:30


Course material

Slides will be announced via the E-learning platform ILIAS: You should register in KLIPS 2.0 in order to get access to ILIAS.



Your grade is based on a closed book written exam lasting 120 minutes about both courses: "Corporate Finance" and "Investment Management" or "Corporate Governance".
The exam "Corporate Finance" will be given to you in English. Your answers must be in English. The first exam takes place in July and the second in September or October 2019 (the exact dates will be announced in the lecture). The room will be announced on the homepage about one week before the exam.
"Corporate Finance" is Part 1 of "Financial Management". Part 2 is "Investment Management" by Dr. Pütz or "Corporate Governance” by Dr. Limbach. You have to attend two courses and to write the exam about two lectures/tutorials.

Please note that you have to choose the correct examination in KLIPS.



Ross/Westerfield/Jordan, Corporate Finance Fundamentals, 7th international edition