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From August 2020, mastertheses will be assigned twice per semester centrally within the Finance Area. All further information can be found under "Central Allocation of Master Theses - Finance".

We will try to consider your topic preferences, but cannot guarantee this in every case. Please contact the respective department for your own topic suggestion. The processing period for mastertheses is six months and usually includes an empirical part. Please note that the application for the masterthesis has to be submitted via the examination office after the department has approved the thesis.


Own Topic Suggestions

Own topic suggestions are possible. Your proposed topic must be outlined in a 2-3 page proposal. This proposal should address the following points:

  • Presentation and classification of the topic
  • Empirical and theoretical work
  • Approach and focus of the topic
  • Short literature review

Please submit this proposal with your application.



For the preparation of the masterthesis please follow the Guidelines for writing a thesis by Prof. Dr. Kempf (Department of Business Administration and Finance). Please note that the maximum number of pages stated therein does not apply to mastertheses at the Department of Business Administration and Corporate Finance.